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Thomas William Hiddleston (Ruining lives since: February 9, 1981) is an English film, televison, radio and theater actor.

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Title: UnknownTom Hiddleston as Owen Wilson playing Loki
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Tom Hiddleston as Owen Wilson playing Loki

It was fun. It was absolutely amazing. It’s only my second time in Hall H. The last time I was in Hall H was three years ago, Comic-Con 2010, with Kenneth Branagh’s “Thor.” It was just a panel with Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman and myself and Kat Dennings and Ken Branagh. Three years ago, people, I think, weren’t that familiar with the character of Thor and certainly didn’t know what to expect from the film. So to come back, with all of what’s happened in the space in between, is kind of amazing really. Loki’s kind of been taken to the hearts of the home team. To go out there in costume, adrenaline was coursing through my body in a way that I haven’t had in a while. —Tom Hiddleston

When I read The Avengers, I had to stop and make myself a cup of tea. I was so excited. —Tom Hiddleston

Yes, my name is Tom and the character I played now twice is Loki.

Title: Unknown
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Maybe not a walk in the park. Maybe a light jog.

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He [Joss Whedon] was an extraordinary kind of um, General, almost and we were his army and he just led us into battle and we completely trusted him.