Fuck yes, Tom Hiddleston's Voice

Thomas William Hiddleston (Ruining lives since: February 9, 1981) is an English film, televison, radio and theater actor.

Featuring quotes and audio clips from all of Tom Hiddleston's roles throughout his acting career.

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"….dead at my feet."

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In the spirit of sharing…
turntofactsmyfantasies shared a gorgeous screen cap with me, and I’m in turn sharing what happens when I get my paws all over it.

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Thank you for the vote of confidence, turntofactsmyfantasies.
As you wish…

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So, this happened while I was on my depressing vacation. I wasn’t aware that there were so many of you on here.. or that you would deem me worthy enough to follow. Thank you!

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So, I haven’t uploaded any artwork in a while, because I was busy with finals and paperwork for college. One of my classes required a “creative piece that depicts a person, place, or event in history.”

So, I decided to do an oil painting of Tom Hiddleston’s head on Napoleon Bonaparte’s body.

Because that is the only way I would be motivated enough to do this assignment and make it look this good.

I also wanted a picture of Tom Hiddleston hanging in my room. In uniform.


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I’ve been in and out of artblock, but after I watched pacific rim I knew this AU needed to be done….. I have seen the light and it whispered “drift compatible”

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Thor & Loki Pacific Rim AU - Intercept Verse

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Pacific Rim AU » Loki and Amora


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Handsome in blue.

Tom Hiddleston en azul se ve impactante, sus ojos brillan mas y nos encanta este color en él. 

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